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Testimonial from RR, Penn Valley, Penn.

December 27, 2018
I have another painting that I would like to be reproduced. I’ve been so happy with my previous paintings that you have done for me.

Testimonial from Stevie E, Richmond BC, Canada

December 20, 2018
Absolutely love the painting! Thank you so much!

Testimonial from SG,Sydney,Australia

November 25, 2018
Wonderful news. Look forward to it.
Thank you again for your exceptional customer service Alex. Really do appreciate it.
Kind regards,

Testimonial from Jim McC, Chicago

November 19, 2018
Hi,just received my order, "Abstract". Absolutely beautiful. Thank you! I'll be placing a total of four more orders staged over the next month or so.
Thanks again,

Testimonial from BW, Sydney, Australia

November 19, 2018
Great communication and advice. This is a business focused on producing happy customers of which I am one! Highly recommended.

Testimonial from Interior Designer, New York.

November 18, 2018
Hi Alex,
I just wanted to let you know we installed 4 pieces yesterday. They look stunning in my client’s space.
Thank you again for the exceptional quality of your work. I look forward to ordering more paintings in the near future.
Best wishes,

Testimonial from BW, North Sydney, Australia

November 17, 2018
Hi Alex
Got the chance to open up the paintings with my wife.
We are very happy 😁 with the finished work. We couldn't have asked for any better.
Id like to thank you and the artist who have both clearly put a lot of time and effort into these paintings.
I'll send you a photo once they are hung and will also leave a testimonial on the link previously provided.
Thanks again

Testimonial from TM, Los Angeles, CA

November 17, 2018
I love are amazing! Thank you! I can’t wait to see the next pieces!

Testimonial from RS, Nashville, TN

October 26, 2018
Hi Alex, hope all is well.
I wanted to thank you for the last painting as it is phenomenal and now the centerpiece of my main living area.

Testimonial from Henry B, Brockton, Mass

October 22, 2018
I recently received my painting & am very happy with it, can you please refer the original artist name of the copied painting. I would like to order more of this artists paintings.thank you for your time in this matter.

Testimonial from Carl B, Arlington VA

October 11, 2018
Dear Alex,
Received my painting yesterday. Excellent work. The image has skillfully been enlarged to its new proportions. Textures and colors are charming. My wife and I are very happy with it and will own it proudly for years. Thanks again. Carl B.

Testimonial from Linda F, San Antonio, TX

September 08, 2018
Thank you Alex! It arrived safe and sound. It is so pretty and just want I wanted for my newly remodeled bedroom. I’m off to get the canvas stretched.

Testimonial from David & Lynn T, Lewisville, NC

August 31, 2018
Greetings Alex!
Well, as you likely know, we’ve received the painting. It’s very impressive to now see in person, instead of only a picture of it. We, and most of all my wife Lynn, are extremely pleased with the outcome. As a matter-of-fact, she has taken it to work with her today to show it off. Who knows, maybe you’ll be receiving new business as a result! Next step of course is choosing the right framing, then up on a wall it will go. It’s worth every penny we paid for it. I fully expect we’ll be seeking other commissions from you in the near future.
Thank you again for your wonderful assistance. Your prompt replies, detailed updates, and quality of product are a testament to a fine company which we will certainly recommend to others.

Testimonial from GS, Canada

August 20, 2018
Good morning Alex,
We received the piece last week and I framed the canvas this weekend (see attached). We are absolutely in love with the work and wanted to say thank you! I have recommended you to several people here so hopefully you get a few more calls from our area.Thank you again for the awesome painting!


Testimonial from Bob LaFlamme, Kailua,HI, USA

July 26, 2018
I cannot begin to tell you how very impressed I am with the painting.
I would have spent $4,000 on it.

Testimonial from SB, Coffs Harbour, Australia

July 18, 2018
Hi Alex, I am in the initial stages of my next purchase from you. The first was 'The Key' and I am absolutely satisfied with the painting the artist completed. Very happy and appreciative. So just browsing for another painting

Testimonial from D. Packer, USA

June 13, 2018
Special Commission painting request. We will never accept a special commission painting request unless we are confident that we can create a great painting. Here is what one customer has to say :

"I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have someone put the integrity of what they are doing over the chance for a quick sale!! I will definitely be purchasing something from you in the near future, and I will work on trying to get a simple mock up that may more accurately portray what it is I am wanting. Once again I appreciate your honesty and responses through this whole process. You'll be hearing something from me in the near future, even if it is only to buy a reproduction from your site. You have left me genuinely impressed.

Testimonial from JV, Houston

July 10, 2018
Hi Alex! Javier from Houston here. I never had a chance to thank you for the last four paintings I ordered. They were lovely. I’m just browsing looking for another Van Gogh. I’ll let you know once I decide. Hope all is well

Testimonial from PS, Littleton, CO

June 18, 2018
Hi Alex, just got the art today,it's really beautiful! Thanks again,

Testimonial from FS, Oakville, Canada

June 18, 2018
Hi Alex,
That is great news! Sounds good I will wait to get the DHL number. Also, I would like to say that your companies speed and customer service is absolutely amazing.

Testimonial from FS, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

June 05, 2018
Hi Alex,
That is great! Congratulations on your accomplishment it is a very efficiently run business, comes recommended from people who have used it before, and has a very personal touch to it which makes me feel extremely valued.
Being a business owner myself, I wish you nothing but the best.
I have just placed the order, look forward to beginning this process!

Testimonial from CB, Waterloo, Ontario

June 02, 2018
Hi Alex, I wanted to reach out and let you know that we absolutely love the painting!! The colours, matte finish and design is exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you for your patience, perseverance and for making it right. We really do appreciate your excellent care and exceptional service.
I attached a picture to show you the framed version.
Thanks again,

Testimonial from Bob H, Cuernavaca, Mexico

May 05, 2018
Hi Alex,
Here's my testimonial, please add it to you files.


Alex. I don't know what I could possibly add the the 'existing' testimonials.
As you know I ordered 3 larger paintings. While my expectations were high, I anticipated there would be 'visual differences'. In other words, I was not expecting perfection. I was wrong. I've compared photos of the originals versus the paintings I received. Color rendition and accuracy was terrific.
'WOW'.. was I impressed, the paintings were best of what I could hope for... now for those other paintings to add to my collection!
You have a lifelong customer. Bob H

Testimonial from Joan L, Mount Sinai, New York

April 25, 2018
Alex- thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I think we are going to use the deeper bars.
I will definitely send a picture of the painting once it is hung on the wall. We were just stunned when we opened the container when it came. Beautiful! The artist did an amazing job.
We are already looking at other places in our home where we could put additional paintings, so I appreciate your kind offer. I was terrified of this process, being so new to it all, and now, I am a believer! I will be referring anyone I know who is interested to your website-
Thank you, thank you!

Testimonial from David M, Perth, WA

April 09, 2018
Hello Alex,
Thank you so much for this information, I am very happy with the results.
Thank you for your good service.

Testimonial from JV, Houston Texas

April 04, 2018
Howdy from Houston Alex!!!!
I got my painting yesterday and I have no words to describe how very pleased I am with the results :) I took it to the fame shop this morning and the framer there wanted to buy it from me, LOL. The canvas itself is thick and top quality as are all the materials. The packaging was perfect too. Like I said, if this run went well, there would be more coming, so expect more from me (it's so hard to decide what to order next). Thank you, and please know that not only you and your company are the best I've purchased from, but also you make a lot of people happy by letting us enjoy these beautiful reproductions in out living rooms. It's like having the live orchestra right there for our pleasure. Cheers -Javi

Testimonial from Dr Adam H, San Bernardino, CA

April 02, 2018
I just wanted to let you know I received the art today. It turned out fantastic- thanks for such great work. Please give the artist my complements! (the name listed on the invoice was Jim)

I will definitely keep you in mind if I want to get more in the future and will recommend you to people who are interested.

Testimonial from Debbie G, Bridgewater, Mass

March 22, 2018
Hi Alex! I received the painting and it’s great! Thank you so much for working with me and making sure I was happy with your company! Thanks again!!!

Testimonial from MF, Rockaway Beach, NY

March 20, 2018
Thank you very much Alex. I am very satisfied with my painting. I had it framed and it is now hanging on my wall!
Thanks again,

Testimonial from Neil Y, Ellenboro, NC

February 03, 2018
Hi Alex,
We absolutely LOVE IT!!!!
The artist did a spectacular job in reproducing this wonderfully whimsical image. Please do not hesitate to use my name for any future reference.
Thank you so very much.
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