• February 11, 2020

Incorporating Oil Painting Reproductions into your Modern Living Space

Incorporating Oil Painting Reproductions into your Modern Living Space

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Incorporating traditional paintings into a modern and contemporary living space can be a challenge, particularly when we have been conditioned to believe that a modern home should have contemporary art on its walls.

But is this really the case with modern living?

It’s always challenging to find an interesting and unique way of incorporating traditional painting styles into our homes; it is not always necessary for a contemporary home to feature modern oil paintings.

Large and oversized Oil Painting Reproductions

Oil painting reproductions can be created in very large size options and oversized oil paintings can make a great focal point in any modern home interior design.   We recently had a customer who wanted to achieve a statement piece with a traditional oil painting on canvas, and rather than choosing large modern wall art, she opted for a one of our famous angel paintings.

With a size of 59 x 92” and at nearly 6’ tall and 7’6” wide, Raphael’s Putti (Cherubs) a detail from the Sistine Madonna Chapel succeeded in achieving her goal.

Raphael’s Putti Cherubs

Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus is a monumental oversized painting being 68 x 110 inches (172 x 278cm) and many of Monet’s Water Lily paintings in original size are extremely large landscape orientation oil paintings, which render them perfect for behind sofas or over king-sized beds.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet’s Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond Center Panel is the perfect sample of a traditional oil painting, which with its gentle purple and blue hues makes for relaxing wall art.

Multi-Panels paintings

Multi panel paintings present a fabulous opportunity to create a theme by selecting  art from some famous oil painting artists.   Below we have selected two 19th century paintings; the first is a An Auburn Beauty 1895, by John William Godward the second painting is Portrait of a Girl by Frederick Leighton.

Both portrait art reproductions have been framed in contemporary style walnut decorative frames and although these portraits are by different artists, both are on a black background and feature titian haired women; they work so well together!

art reproduction in walnut frame

Choosing a theme, by perhaps selecting paintings from your favorite artist, your décor achieves cohesion and demonstrates the thought and care which has gone into your choice of interior design wall art.

Seascape Oil Reproduction Paintings

A series of seascape oil paintings, by famous american seascape painters such as Fitz Hugh Lane  and Childe Hassam are great choices for inspirational office art.

Finally, we recommend going for a vibrant splash of color and for  this suggestion we are reverting to English artist Frederick Leighton and his eternally famous painting Flaming June  which depicts a woman in repose with a bright orange flowing and diaphanous dress. The original size of this painting is 47” x 47” (120 x 120cm) but it upscales very easily and can be purchased in many large size options from our online art catalog.

Selecting interior design wall art can be difficult but our team of art specialists are available to assist you with your choice of oil paintings reproductions.  We are available by email or via our Live Help Chat service.

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