• September 20, 2018

ART TRENDS September 2018

ART TRENDS September 2018

ART TRENDS September 2018 864 432 Kathy

ART TRENDS September 2018

Magenta Inspired by Mark Rothko



Online art sales currently stand at some $5.7 billion, and are predicted to rise to $9.6 billion by 2020. By any measure, this is a hugely significant number and shows the power of the internet to attract and generate sales, as well as the increasing sophistication of buyers of art.



As we mention in another blog HERE, until recently, when people came to furnish their homes or workplaces they concentrated only on the furniture, lighting and other interior design accessories, and the art on the walls was very much an afterthought.

This is clearly changing with a better understanding of what art is available for purchase, both original and reproduction, and that art can be purchased easily and affordably online. Having to go to a shop or art gallery, in a more pressured sales environment, is not necessary in today’s connected world. Some online reproduction art companies offer a design service so that you can create your own style and choose your own colors, so you can own an original remix of a famous painting.  Our own Special Commission Services offers this opportunity.


Color field paintings in the style of Mark Rothko, and color splash canvases, following the style of Jackson Pollock are easily refreshed with a modern, original twist, and the great thing about color field and color splash is that you can make your own choices as to the colors used.

A modern take on a Rothko style color field oil painting would be orange and violet as shown above – a real statement! Although available in many sizes, this painting, with its landscape format is perfect to placing over a couch or console table.


For example, a drip and pour painting using ultra violet, pink, aqua and mint gives a wonderfully modern take on the original paintings Pollock painted back in the 1950’s and 60’s.



Magenta Inspired by Jackson Pollock



In late 2017 and early 2018 there were many predictions, posted in online publications and blogs, about future trends in the home décor and art markets that would be seen in 2018. I thought it would be interesting, now that we are in September 2018, to review those trend predictions. Colors most predicted to be popular were purples and mauves, mints and aqua, and pink, all of which have proved to be correct. Famous New Jersey color chart experts Pantone say that their research shows that the color of the year in 2018 is Pantone chart number 18-3838, that’s Ultra Violet to you and me!


PANTONE 18-3838 TCX Ultra Violet

PANTONE 18-3838 TCX Ultra Violet



For wall art, the prediction was for landscapes and portraits, which have always been popular through the centuries, so whilst correct, that was an easy win. Botanical and floral prints and paintings were forecast to be popular in 2018 as well, and have become so, especially when hung low, close to the backs of furniture and mixed with chintz fabrics. This matches the current trend for big, wide, eye catching art; in fact, the bigger the better. Large and framed or with a gallery wrap, entire wall spaces can be transformed with one single huge canvas. These can be botanical, bringing the outdoors inside your home, or for a very modern look, go abstract geometric in bold colors. Wassily Kandinsky paintings lend themselves very well to this approach.



Wassily Kandinsky Paintings



Those in the know see that Face Art paintings are going to become the new trend for the rest of 2018 and for next year as well. This prediction is not just for contemporary works, but also for an upsurge of interest in the works of Matisse with his Blue Nude series of paintings and Paul Klee’s Senecio with its use of vibrant colors, as seen below.


Paul Klee's Senecio

Senecio 1922 By Paul Klee

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