Little Girl in a Blue Armchair 1878 | Oil Painting Reproduction
75 cm
Little Girl in a Blue Armchair 1878
Artist: Mary Cassatt
Size: 51 x 75 cm (20.1 x 29.5")
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Mary Cassatt Little Girl in a Blue Armchair

Mary Cassatt Little Girl in a Blue Armchair (1878) is a masterpiece of Impressionist oil painting.

Known in French as Petite Fille Dans un Fauteuil Bleu, it is one of Mary Cassatt’s most famous paintings. Working alongside Edgar Degas, Cassatt made several alterations and additions to the artwork over the course of a few weeks.

First exhibited at her debut show (part of the Fourth Impressionist Exhibition) in 1879, it initially divided critical opinion.

Did Mary Cassatt have a child?

The artist Mary Cassatt never married or had children of her own. Despite this, she created an astounding oeuvre of work depicting domestic mother and child scenes. This included works such as Mother and Child (1890), Maternal Caress (1896) and Little Ann Sucking her Finger (1897).

The child in Little Girl in a Blue Armchair was Degas’ daughter. Writing in 1903, Mary Cassatt described how she’d painted the portrait and “he [Degas] found it good… advised me on the background and even worked on it.”

On its submission to the American Pavilion (for the 1878 World’s Fair) the painting provoked critical appropriation. The blunt refusal infuriated Mary Cassatt. She complained the jury (one of whom was a pharmacist) had no artistic sensibility whatsoever.

Described by Griselda Pollock as one of the most “radical images of childhood” of all time, the painting has subsequently become an icon of modern art.

Interestingly, the dog in the painting is a Brussels Griffon, which Cassatt may have come across during her travels in Antwerp in 1873. Indeed, Degas later presented Cassatt with a puppy Brussels Griffon. After this point, Cassatt kept this breed of dog for the rest of her life.

What was Mary Cassatt’s style?

Mary Cassatt artworks are firmly impressionist. Little Girl in a Blue Armchair particularly demonstrates the relationship between Mary Cassatt and the impressionist movement.

It’s likely Degas helped paint the floor between the chairs, as well as the light streaming through the French windows.

Cassatt took the loose and expressive style of painters such as Degas and Edouard Manet and transformed it into her own carefully considered creations. Instead of traditional allegorical works, Cassatt largely focused on female and domestic scenes.

Mary Cassatt art employs a limited color palette combined with bold, vibrant brushstrokes. This creates a dynamic sense of interplay, perfectly representing a moment caught between rest and play. Indeed, the little girl flops on the chair (in a moment of tiredness or boredom) whilst the little dog appears similarly worn out.

Light shines through the French doors at the back of the room, brightening the otherwise relatively dark scene. This allows Cassatt to finely pick-out details on the child’s lace dress and the intricately patterned armchairs.

The slightly skewed pictorial plane further draws our attention towards the girl’s precarious position. She almost slides off the haphazardly placed chair, perhaps to resume play again.

Where is Mary Cassatt’s Little Girl in a Blue Armchair?

Despite its poor initial critical reception, Cassatt’s painting later found substantial acclaim.

Purchased in 1903 by the artist Ambroise Vollard, the painting remained in Paris for many years. Sold in 1963 (to Mr and Mrs Paul Mellon, the American philanthropists and art collectors) the painting subsequently traveled to America.

The Mellons regularly loaned the painting to the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., where it featured in many exhibitions. Permanently gifted in 1983, the work now hangs proudly in Washington’s National Gallery of Art.

Oil painting reproductions by famous American Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt are created in our own Studio by one of our resident professional artists.

Enjoy discovering the reproductions of famous paintings of American Impressionist Movement artist Mary Cassatt who is renowned for portraits of mothers and their children.

Mary Cassatt was born in Pennsylvania in 1844 and died in France in 1926. She played a substantial role in introducing America to the art of the European Impressionist artists by encouraging her wealthy circle of friends to purchase their work.

As a young child Cassatt was encouraged to paint by her parents and she visited France with them during her childhood. She studied at the Pennsylvania School of the Fine Arts but in 1886 she returned to Paris where she became a close friend of Edgar Degas. Their friendship, albeit tumultuous, endured throughout their lives and it is believed that Mary Cassatt sometimes modeled for Edgar Degas' paintings.

Mary Cassatt exhibited with the Impressionist Salon in 1872 with her oil painting of Two Women Throwing Flowers at a Carnival.

Mary Cassatt's painting The Child's Bath 1893 is held by the Art Institute of Chicago. Oil painting reproductions of this painting are available from our standard catalogue in many size options, including replica paintings on canvas in the original size of 100 x 65cm [39.4 x 25.6"].

The most popular Mary Cassatt oil painting is Little Girl in Blue Armchair 1879 which forms part of the permanent collection at National Gallery of Art in Washington. Replica paintings of this famous painting are completed entirely by hand by one of our resident professional artists.

Mary Cassatt's painting Mother and Child 1890 captures a tender moment in time. The original painting is held by the Wichita Art Museum and you can now purchase this painting as one of our oil painting reproductions.

Famous paintings of mother and child are a dominant and recurrent theme throughout Mary Cassatt's artistic life although she never married and had children. A favorite canvas replica is Cassatt's Breakfast in Bed 1897.

Art by Mary Cassatt can be purchased from our large selection of art reproductions on canvas.

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