Chop Suey 1929 by Edward Hopper | Oil Painting Reproduction
75 cm
Chop Suey 1929
Artist: Edward Hopper
Size: 63 x 75 cm (24.8 x 29.5")
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Chop Suey 1929 By Edward Hopper

Amongst oil on canvas paintings of the twentieth century, Edward Hopper Chop Suey is one of the most recognizable and most celebrated artworks.

When was Edward Hopper Chop Suey created?

Painted in 1929, Chop Suey depicts two women deep in conversation, sitting in a Chinese restaurant.

Its inspiration may have come from a second floor Chinese restaurant the Hopper family frequently visited. This could explain the compositional focus on the woman's face (likely modeled on Joe, Edward hopper's wife). She frequently modeled for his artworks and is possibly even the muse for all three female figures in the painting. 

The real restaurant was located in Columbus Circle, New York. Despite this, Hopper’s lack of focus on the interior scene foregrounds the “art of the moment”. The painting is less about where the action takes place, but the experience of a unique moment in time.

Chop Suey Edward Hopper Description: An Artistic Introduction

Like much Edward Hopper art, the exact meaning of Chop Suey remains ambiguous. Nonetheless, numerous details in the painting hint at the artist’s intentions.

To provide a brief description, two women sit at a table in the foreground. Another couple are just visible in the depths of the restaurant. The only features clearly visible and painted in great detail are the woman's face, her partner's back and the coat hanging above their heads. 

Secondary items, for instance the windows, restaurant sign and tea-pot all point towards a deeply sensory experience of the restaurant. The window allows light to stream into the scene as well as encouraging the viewer to imagine bustling sounds from the city street outside. 

The couple in the background bring the restaurant scene to life, full of hushed conversations and rushing waiting staff. What's more, the woman’s large coat evokes a sense of texture, the tea invigorates our sense of taste, and the cigarette held by the man heightens the viewer's perception of smell.

The central woman’s make-up is incredibly bold, highlighting her white skin, dark eyes and red lips. This heightens the characteristic Hopper sense of detachment, creating an impression of a mask or doll, rather than a realistic facial representation. 

The two women’s clothes (with tight sweaters and fashionable cloche hats) further suggests their concern with outward appearances. Their inner life, on the other hand, remains firmly out of reach.

What is the meaning of Edward Hopper Chop Suey?

Paintings by Edward Hopper are widely celebrated for their realism and emotive power. They present themes of isolation and urbanization, two emotions prevalent in twentieth century America (and today). 

As such, Hopper’s paintings focus more on our internal world rather than specific narrative details. Chop Suey represents his focus on memory and sensory experience, depicted through the lens of loneliness and self-observation. 

Although the painting represents a social environment, the woman’s face is mask-like. She doesn’t interact with her partner, merely staring out towards the viewer. Equally, the man in the background appears withdrawn from his female companion. 

Each person remains isolated, locked within their own internal worlds and the failure to truly “see” one another.

Despite this interpretation, some art historians argue the woman isn’t sitting with a partner. Instead, she faces her own doppelgänger. Indeed, the two women wear remarkably similar hats, with similar body types and postures.

Whatever the “real” explanation, Hopper’s focus on sensory experience (light, sound, touch and taste) removes the viewer from a purely realistic representation. Instead, Hopper encourages us to bring our own meanings and memories to the artwork. 

By keeping some of the details loose and blurred, Hopper destroys the intricate details that a photographic artwork would provide. Instead, the painting becomes more actively realistic, forcing a direct partnership and collaboration with the viewing public.

How much are paintings by Edward Hopper worth?

Edward Hopper famous paintings are some of the most sought-after artworks in the entire world. In November 2018, Chop Suey sold at a new record price for the artist.

Previously owned by Barney A Ebsworth, the painting was promised to the Seattle Art Museum on Ebsworth’s death. Despite this, ownership passed to his estate. In November 2018, the painting sold for a staggering $92 million.

Today, Chop Suey remains in a private collection. The exact location is unpublished.

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