Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny c1901 | Oil Painting Reproduction
75 cm
Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny c1901
Artist: Claude Monet
Size: 72 x 75 cm (28.3 x 29.5")
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Selected size: 72 x 75 cm (28.3 x 29.5")

Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny is a Claude Monet impressionist oil painting displaying a riot of color. It is just one of the many Monet Giverny paintings created at his beautiful home in Normandy, Northern France. 

When was Monet's Garden Pathway painted?

This joyful Monet garden painting is stunningly beautiful and one of our most requested art reproductions. Among the many Monet landscape oil paintings, it provides a fascinating insight into his artistic techniques and the planting in his iconic garden.

Monet was over sixty years old when he created this painting. By this point in his career, he was immensely famous and successful. Nonetheless, he suffered from cataracts later in life, slowly destroying his perception of color.

While Pathway in Monet's Garden at Giverny is relatively crisp, later works such as The Artists' House Seen from the Rose Garden (c.1922) demonstrate his deteriorating sight. This progression becomes even more evident compared with almost entirely abstract works such as The Garden Giverny (1922).

Where is Monet's Garden?

Monet's oil painting depicts his walled garden at Giverny. Giverny is a town about 70 kilometers northwest of Paris. Art lovers still flock to the city and Monet's house to marvel at his stunning gardens and water lily pond.

Monet particularly enjoyed painting from the comfort of his own home in later life. His care and diligence are evident in his careful attention to each flower. 

As well as his iconic Water Lily paintings, there are several Claude Monet garden paintings. These artworks focus exclusively on the trees and flowers he so carefully planted. They include paintings such as The Artist's Garden at Giverny (1900) and The Iris Garden at Giverny (1899).

What does Monet's Pathway oil painting represent?

A Pathway in Monet's Garden depicts rows of bright flowers surrounding a path leading to Monet's house. The floral border features vibrant purple irises, contrasting with the deep orange and red blooms below. These are likely red and orange peonies or pansies. 

The changing seasons are visible, with orange and red shades also evident in the tree foliage above. The flowers appear under dappled light, emphasizing the deep dark shadows interspersing the straight path. 

These direct shadows and intense lighting tell us Monet created the painting at midday. Providing shade from the sun are the spruce and cypress trees above. Although hazy, a clear view of Monet's home is visible at the end of the pathway.

Speaking of the garden itself, Monet described how it was "essentially a garden of perennials" with a few annuals interspersed. He always avoided bare earth and dark flowers. 

Monet adored blues and purples and disliked single flowers, preferring great masses of color and form. As a result, there were a staggering sixty-six different species of flowers and trees in Monet's garden, tended by a team of seven gardeners.

In his garden paintings, Monet planted peonies, irises, and roses (amongst a whole host of other flowers). He also loved Japanese anemones, chrysanthemums, daffodils, and water lilies.

How many times did Monet paint his garden?

Claude Monet's garden painting is incredibly famous today, and he painted his beautiful garden and its water lily pond over 250 times.

As an impressionist artist, he adored painting the effects of light, and consequently, he loved painting his garden in different seasons, at various times of the day. 

Monet even worked on several paintings of the same view at once. He shifted between canvases as the day progressed and the light changed.

Claude Monet: Famous Painting Replicas

Today, Claude Monet Pathway is one of our top 100 famous paintings. If you love the color, emotion, and expression of Claude Monet artwork, explore our extensive catalog of replica art. 

Whether legendary creations such as Monet's Water Lilies series or lesser-known early paintings, you can enjoy high quality art reproductions to bring joy and color into your home.

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