Napoleon Crossing The Alps | Oil Painting Reproduction
63 cm
Napoleon Crossing The Alps
Artist: Jacques-Louis David
Size: 75 x 63 cm (29.5 x 24.8")
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Selected size: 75 x 63 cm (29.5 x 24.8")

Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David is one of our most popular art reproductionsJacques Louis David paintings consist of hundreds of Neo-Classical artworks

David painted this monumental artwork in 1801. It is part of a series of five oil paintings, each depicting an equestrian portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte.

To create the artwork, the artist employed a meticulous painterly technique. Against a white background, he used dry paints and light touches to develop blocks of light and shade. This painting technique is evident on the horse’s rump, illustrating a gradual transition from light to dark. 

After David created this rough design, he later filled-out details such as Napoleon Bonaparte's face and outfit. By the third and final layer of paint, he focused on blending tones and smoothing the surface of the canvas.

What does Napoleon Crossing the Alps represent?

Jacques-Louis David's oil painting depicts the great French military leader crossing the Alps mountain range, passing through the Great St Bernard Pass, now the highest passable road in Switzerland.

Determined to retake territory previously taken by the Austrians, Napoleon marched his Reserve Army across the mountains. They eventually secured a decisive military victory against the Austrian troops at the Battle of Marengo in Piedmont, Italy (1800). 

In this Jacques Louis David painting, Napoleon wears a gold-trimmed bicorne hat enveloped in a flowing red cloak. His gaze turns towards the viewer as his hand gestures towards the mountain summit. He confidently holds the reins of his mighty steed, which rears up on its hind legs. 

In the background, a small group of soldiers and artillery is just visible. Dark clouds loom over the entire scene, and the mountains rise steeply upwards.

Why did the painter Jacques Louis David create this artwork?

The King of Spain initially commissioned David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps. It presents a strongly idealized version of Napoleon’s actual crossing, made in the spring of 1800.

The Spanish King (Charles IV) ordered the painting as a gift for Napoleon. It represented a new-found friendship between the two countries. 

While David supported the French Revolution (1789-99), he rapidly moved allegiance to the new French Consulate. Consequently, he was thrilled to undertake the commission.

Napoleon was delighted to learn the news of the commission. He later instructed David to paint three different versions for various palaces and châteaux. David also created a fifth version, which remained in his workshops until his death.

What is the message of Napoleon Crossing the Alps painting?

Napoleon Crossing the Alps conveys an image of strength and power. It symbolizes the friendship between France and Spain and Napoleon’s military prowess. 

It also served as a potent piece of political propaganda. Indeed, David’s neoclassical style places the future Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte amongst the great rulers of centuries past. Napoleon wanted to appear like the great leaders of the Roman empire, sharing their values and creating a new, Napoleonic Empire. Indeed, earlier David works, such as Oath of the Horatii (1784), were highly classical.

David wanted Napoleon to sit for the painting. But unfortunately, Napoleon refused, believing the oil painting should focus on his character and achievements rather than his physical appearance. 

David consequently used a bust of Napoleon for his facial features while the artist made his son sit astride a ladder for Napoleon’s body. 

David also borrowed the military uniform and famous bicorne hat, ensuring the costume’s accuracy. In addition, David used two of Napoleon’s actual horses as models for the painting.

Where is the original oil painting of Napoleon Bonaparte?

David’s iconic Napoleon on a Horse painting currently hangs in the Château de Malmaison. Situated on the left bank of the Seine River (around 15 kilometers outside of Paris), it’s an imposing building. 

The Château housed Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. Alongside the Tuileries in Paris, it was the French Government’s headquarters. Napoleon also lived in the Château at the end of the “Hundred Days” in 1815.

Today, David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps is one of the top 100 most famous paintings. It depicts a unique historical moment, artful propaganda, and a work of extreme beauty.

For this reason, it remains one of our most sought-after fine art reproductions.

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